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Song Foundry 3​-​Pack #012

by Jed Davis

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Wonder 05:59
I'm too lonely, scared and bored To think about my future I'm only lying in my past To try to have you again I'm too lonely, scared and bored And I don't wonder anymore. I used to wander through your hair I got excited at your door I talked about the people I wondered what they all were for But now my eyes are filming over And my brain has killed my soul The fine things have all happened Good times will never roll. I used to remember all I used to remember sun But where the hell did you go Nostalgic twenty-one? This flimsy time of change These clothes are all too small Every moment here is strange This dusty suit don't fit at all I used to dress in black I used to dress in gray But now they've bled through my skin And I don't wonder anymore. And I don't wonder anymore Why you've gone and changed your hair And I don't wonder anymore As I gestate in this chair And I don't wander anymore Through the gates to your lair And I don't wonder anymore While I am here and you are there. And on this doorstep to my life My eyes have rolled back in my head My future tries to force my hand But it's the past that holds the knife I used to wonder why I hurt I used to wonder why I aged I used to try to write it down My wonder filling every page. But I don't wonder anymore In this crankcase skull-wrapped cage I don't wonder anymore So all I do is age.
The Ill Wave Running Through Him The ill wave running through him is just too much He just doesn't want to deal with it His stomach feels weak He's just about to be handed the beatdown of his life And it's his own fault Facing the bully Michael Sirangelli He would rather wade knee-deep in hot hot glass Than go away from this Because he knows that he deserves it He deserves to learn his lesson from it The bad words he scrawled in Michael's notebook Cry out to him He feels removed from the schoolboy faces around him Not from them, but from their context Their laughter He doesn't fear their judgment The ill wave running through him The ill wave running through him Flu sickness He loves to get sick He's fascinated by the body's process of dealing with A floating poison He closes his eyes and the flu gives him Scary visions The grass And voices, almost When he tries to sleep, nightmares, and And And the taste of orange juice The smell of freshly-opened brand-new Tropicana carton And he has to pee at night So he gets out of bed And as he gets out of bed His head floats And he feels What it's like To fly
She waits for a fable For the start of a story That she heard long ago Too good not to come true I can't compete, no way. Because the man, the man in the moon Is cooler than me, so constant and brightly smiling Oh the man, the man in the moon Cuts holes in the night and leaves me washed out by his light Oh to be the man in the moon Nothing to prove, swaddled in nonexistence Oh and I'll be sick of this soon But she'll remain In love with the man in the moon. I wait for a fable For the start of a story That I heard long ago Too good not to come true


2020 wasn’t good for much, but being homebound did allow me to sort through 30 years of old recordings, and unarchive tons of shelved and incomplete material.

And then finish that shit!

I am not really interested in doing “albums” anymore… holding music back until a dozen arbitrarily-linked songs are mixed and mastered and the stars and planets align. But at the same time, “singles” are kind of boring and “EPs” demand some degree of cohesion, and I don’t want to be boxed in like that. So here is what I offer you: THREE-PACKS

Remember those randomly-bagged multipacks of comic books they used to sell in toy and drug stores? You wouldn’t be able to see what was inside until you tore open the plastic, and the comics might be brand new or fifteen years old… it was just whatever happened to be laying around when they bundled it up. There was no thematic connection, no rhyme or reason to the collection, and one bag could even contain books from both Marvel AND DC. I was introduced to so many fun stories that way, and that is how I am going to introduce (or reintroduce) you to all of these songs.

This three-pack includes “Wonder” (1994), "The Ill Wave Running Through Him” (1995), and a live performance of "We Wait And We Wait” recorded at Coyote's in Pittsburgh, PA on August 8, 2009. You can read more about each track if you click through to its page.

I’m not promising these three-packs in any regularly-scheduled fashion… and I’m not going to tell you about them in advance. When I feel like one is ready, it will just appear. They may have Skyscape/Hanslick Rebellion/Collider songs on them. All of my records from the past that are not currently available digitally will be represented, as well as material you have never heard, including brand-new stuff. But as far as I’m concerned, all of this music is new to most of the universe - and these are fresh versions of everything anyway, so I hope that in a way it will also be new to you.

Let’s have some fun <3


released February 18, 2022


all rights reserved



Jed Davis Syracuse, New York

Song designer; founding member of The Hanslick Rebellion, Skyscape, Collider; oblivious to genre, trends and the passage of time.

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