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Song Foundry 3​-​Pack #023

by Jed Davis

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In '84 I climbed aboard I flipped the finger at Tipper Gore In '85 I felt alive I told the driver: "Baby, DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE" In '86 I got my kicks Teasin' my hair and pleasin' chicks In '87 You know what rhymes with seven I rode this mother straight to Heaven Uhh! Ride the party bus Ride the party bus Ride the party bus C'mon, ride with us In '88 I rocked your state I said, "It ain't illegal here to go this late, nuh-uh" In '89 I don't remember '89. I don't remember '90 or '91, either In '92 What can ya do? All you mopey plaid grunge weenies, ain't no room for you On the party bus Ride the party bus Ride the party bus C'mon, ride with us Ride with us! Now baby, I've been ridin' this bus for 35 years. And I'm here to tell ya: life on the party bus ain't always a bed of roses. You wake up so hung over every morning... they don't make windows tinted enough, you know what I'm sayin'? And then ya roll into a new town... take the stage... look out at the screamin' crowd... and you ask yourself: where are all the babealicious babes? Everybody here looks like a grandma! And just the other day I went to the supermarket, and I ran into this dude I went to high school with... he looked like his dad. He was there with some old lady and some babies or somethin'... I think they were shoppin' for applesauce. It was weird. And he said to me, "You look like you must still be riding that old party bus." And I was like OOH YEAH!!!!!! And he said to me, "C'mon, you can't STILL be riding that party bus," and I was like OOH YEAH WOOOOOOO!!!!!! And he said, "What could that possibly be like for you?" And I was like, "Brother - "Sometimes I roll Sometimes I rock Sometimes I ride the roof wearing just one sock Sometimes I sit here and muse on my emotional health Sometimes I think I should probably kill myself." Ride the party bus Ride the party bus Ride the party bus C'mon, ride with us
Seafarer 03:08
I don't know where I'm headed, and I do not really care I just want to get home soon, for my love is waiting there And if I do not make it back, one thing I know for sure Is I will live inside her her heart and soul forevermore Now my exact location is a mystery to me I'm floating here upon the ocean, lost, I'm lost at sea I'm drifting, drifting So many miles from shore Feels like I've got the whole world on my shoulders I thought about her all the time, and soon I did conclude That several things she always did were really kind of rude And then a thought stole in, and I began to realize How many times I saw her turn her gaze on other guys And some old premonition hit I feel now and again: That while I'm drifting, she's down at the pub with other men I'm drifting, drifting So many miles from shore Feels like I've got the whole world on my shoulders So now I'll hoist the sails again and float to parts unknown That jerk can have her booze and bros, I'm better off alone I'm drifting, drifting Awash forevermore Feels like God took the whole world off my shoulders
You have a winning way, so keep it Your future, your future, your future You are an angel heading for a land of sunshine And fortune us smiling upon you Prepare for a series of comfortable miracles From fasting to feasting, to feasting Life to you is a dashing, bold adventure So sing and rejoice, sing and rejoice And look for the dream that keeps coming back Your future, your future, your future Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a handshake 'Cause everything is not yet lost Does life seem worthwhile to you? Does life seem worthwhile to you? Here's how to order Yes, hm-hmm, now for the next question Does emotional music have quite an effect on you? Do you feel sometimes that age is against you? Sing and rejoice, yeah, sing and rejoice Yes, hm-hmm, that's interesting, but tell me Do you often sing or whistle just for fun? Do you feel sometimes that age is against you? I, I can help , I can help you, I can help you help yourself Does life seem worthwhile to you? Does life seem worthwhile to you? Here's how to order Varicose Comatose Senile


2020 and 2021 weren’t good for much, but being homebound did allow me to sort through 30 years of old recordings, and unarchive tons of shelved and incomplete material.

And then finish that shit!

I am not really interested in doing “albums” anymore… holding music back until a dozen arbitrarily-linked songs are mixed and mastered and the stars and planets align. But at the same time, “singles” are kind of boring and “EPs” demand some degree of cohesion, and I don’t want to be boxed in like that. So here is what I offer you: THREE-PACKS

Remember those randomly-bagged multipacks of comic books they used to sell in toy and drug stores? You wouldn’t be able to see what was inside until you tore open the plastic, and the comics might be brand new or fifteen years old… it was just whatever happened to be laying around when they bundled it up. There was no thematic connection, no rhyme or reason to the collection, and one bag could even contain books from both Marvel AND DC. I was introduced to so many fun stories that way, and that is how I am going to introduce (or reintroduce) you to all of these songs.

This three-pack includes "Ride The Party Bus” (2012), a reworked "Seafarer" (1989) mixed by Jack Endino, and a live Collider performance of Faith No More's "Land Of Sunshine” (2003). You can read more about each track if you click through to its page.

I’m not promising these three-packs in any regularly-scheduled fashion… and I’m not going to tell you about them in advance. When I feel like one is ready, it will just appear. They may have Skyscape/Hanslick Rebellion/Collider songs on them. All of my records from the past that are not currently available digitally will be represented, as well as material you have never heard, including brand-new stuff. But as far as I’m concerned, all of this music is new to most of the universe - and these are fresh versions of everything anyway, so I hope that in a way it will also be new to you.

Let’s have some fun <3


released June 16, 2023


all rights reserved



Jed Davis Syracuse, New York

Song designer; founding member of The Hanslick Rebellion, Skyscape, Collider; oblivious to genre, trends and the passage of time.

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